We're here to simplify padel gear selection

Picking the right racket is totally overwhelming - the number of brands, the number of models offered by each brand, and the lack of demoing creates so much confusion.

Testing the Varlion LW Summum Prisma at Padel FC in Berlin

Hi, I’m Teemo, and I’m a padel addict.

Maybe similar to you, I played tennis from a very young age, but when I discovered padel while in Spain, I knew I had found my true love.

While I love padel, finding unbiased reviews of rackets and other padel equipment has been challenging. Specs are convoluted at best and tricky marketing at worst. Reviewers often contradict themselves in the same sentence and evaluate rackets using terminology that doesn't translate to what I seek.

But how do you find a racket that fits your requirements? I would spend weeks checking review websites and youtube channels, translating them back and forth, to understand how a racket plays, and still I've had to return rackets because they turned out different from what I expected and what I needed.

Jargon-free zone.

We're here to centralize padel gear information and explain manufacturers' claims.

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Testing the Stiga Wood Edition at We Are Padel in Berlin

How we review


The Metacritic for Padel

There are too many rackets for us to review all of them ourselves. So we combine our tests with reviews from existing experts. This averages out personal bias.


Expert Review Methodology

We watch, read, or listen to the expert review. We score the expert's opinion with particular attention to our key criteria: power, control, sweet spot, and maneuverability


On-court Tests

For our own reviews, we compare the gear's features and behavior to the on-court performance over weeks or months.

Expert Review Rubric

We use the following rubric to ensure our reviews from different experts result in score consistency. Personal biases are unavoidable, but when clarified properly they are a useful lens to frame the findings of the review.

Additionally, some reviewers are more physically fit and have more advanced technique than others. We look forward to the day when there are more female reviewers. We think that padel is not just for the professionals, so we include reviews from a diverse group from professionals and coaches as well as informed hobbyists.
send it out for three like it's raining
very, very light, easy to maneuver
good, central sweet spot
lost control on fast balls
Below average
small sweet spot, and if you miss it....
340g, low balance, and soft...no power