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Here we cover padel industry and market analysis, professional player updates, health and exercises, and detailed descriptions of padel rules and regulations.

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How high can a padel serve be?

Padel serve height is an ongoing controversy in the professional tours. Where's it going to land?
Rules and scoring

Padel: rules of the game

If you're familiar with tennis, padel rules are easy to catch onto quickly.
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How much does it cost to build a padel court in 2023?

We delve into every aspect of court installation, from construction costs to surface materials, to help you make the best decision for your project.
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Dominate your Next Match with Hello Padel's online course

Hello Padel's online course offers a sequence of short, engaging clips explaining padel shots and tactics while professionals demonstrate them.

What's in Paloma Cortina's Bag?

We recently caught up with the number one-ranked US women's padel professional, Paloma Cortina, and she shared some of her favorite products.
Professional Matches

From Legal Disputes to Unity: QSI's Acquisition of the World Padel Tour Shakes Up the Sport

Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), a subsidiary of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund, is acquiring the World Padel Tour.
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Six Exercises to Recuperate from Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis) Faster

The following exercises are designed to increase the strength of your arm in order to reduce the likelihood of the tennis elbow coming back.

State of the Padel Racket Report 2023

We ran the numbers on 181 padel rackets to distill the trends and predict the future of padel racket design, price, and technology.

Surprising Stats about the Growth of Padel around the World

To showcase the growth of the sport, we've compiled a list of the top padel stats, from player adoption to the growth of court construction.
Professional Matches

The Las Vegas Smash are the Pro Padel League's first champions

The Pro Padel League (PPL), North America's most recently-launched professional padel league, found its inaugural champions this Sunday.
Professional Matches

The Pro Padel League expands professional padel to North America

The all-new Pro Padel League is launching a new form of padel this Spring in North America with seven teams of top players from around the world.
Professional Matches

Reus Open 500 2023 Semifinals Results

The World Padel Tour Open in Reus, Spain saw an intense match yesterday between Jerónimo "Momo" González Luque and Miguel "Mike" Yanguas Diez, and Ram
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How to Watch Professional Padel Tournaments in 2023

Learn how to watch all of the top professional padel tournaments in the most convenient way for you

What is a Padel Americano

Have you ever played an americano? It's a fun and dynamic type of padel tournament where everyone plays as a partner of all others. Run your own!
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How to Play Padel

This is a beginner's guide to playing padel, the fastest growing sport in the world. Learn how to play today!