• Unlike a regular padel match, an Americano is won by individual participants, not teams.
  • Players will change partners after every round, ensuring that everyone plays with every other person at least once.
  • Americano rounds are usually played to 32 or 48 or 64 rounds
  • The server rotates every 4 points
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11 Jan 2022
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A type of padel tournament composed of several rounds where players have a new partner and set of opponents each round and the score is calculated individually as a sum of the scores of all of the rounds.

An Americano is a quick tournament setup that is typically played with non-fixed teams and often involves more participants than a standard game.

The number of participants in an Americano tournament should be divisible by 4, so everyone can be on at least one team. For example, if you want to play on 2 courts, you'll need 8 players.

The duration of an Americano Padel tournament will vary based on the number of participants. A tournament with 7 other participants, for instance, will last approximately 2 hours.

There are two scoring systems in Americano Padel: points-based and sets-based.

  • In the points-based system, each match is decided by playing a predetermined number of points (e.g., 1 point per ball). For example, if playing to 32 points, one team will serve four times, and then the serve will switch to the other team. The winning team will take the number of points they scored, while the losing team takes their own points.
  • In the sets-based system, the number of sets won as a team is more important than individual points. If a draw occurs, players compare the number of sets won to the number of sets lost.

To win an Americano tournament, an individual player must have the most points after all the rounds and matches. The winner is determined based on individual points, regardless of how well their partners performed.

The number of courts needed for an Americano tournament depends on the number of participants present. Generally, the number of courts should be a multiple of 4. For example, with 16 players, you would need 4 courts.

There are different versions of Americano, including Normal Americano, Mixed Americano, Team Americano, Mexicano, Team Mexicano, and Super Mexicano. Each version has its own set of rules and variations.

Several apps can help you organize and manage your Americano tournament, such as Americano Padel, Padel Puffin, Padelboard, and Rankedin. These apps simplify the scoring process and provide an interactive leaderboard.

More info at What is a Padel Americano.

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