• A rulo is a soft overhead shot targeting the side fence or the side glass that in the worst case forces opponents back and in the best case results in a dead ball out of the fence
  • Rulos are easiest when the ball is hit over one's non dominant shoulder
  • Rulos are most powerful when paired with other smashes due to the resulting confusion of the opponent
From the Spanish for roll, or curl
Full name
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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The rulo, or “roll”, is a topspin overhead hit on a lob over one’s non-dominant shoulder. Often referred to as a “rulo a la reja”, “rulo to the fence”.

Argentinian player, Franco Stupaczuk, is the undisputed king of rulos. These shots force his diagonal opponent to constantly run between defending the ball before it hits the unpredictable fence, defending low bandejas in the center, and deep viboras in the corner.

Despite being a "soft" shot, rulos are an advanced shot requiring flexibility and strength to reach back and make contact behind one's head. The technique is similar to a light topspin smash.

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