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How much does it cost to build a padel court in 2023?

December 13, 2023
How much does it cost to build a padel court in 2023?


The most rapidly-growing sport in the world, Padel, is rapidly expanding across the globe, but the number one growth constraint is court access.

Padel courts are specialized, expensive projects that often require permitting prior to construction.

Embarking on padel court construction, either for a residential or a commercial installation, requires a thorough understanding of the associated costs and design considerations.

This guide delves into every aspect of court installation, from construction costs to surface materials and court layout, to help you make the best decision for your project.

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Exploring Construction Costs

Curious about the cost of building a padel court? On average, court construction costs range from €17,500 - €91,200, contingent on factors like foundation condition, material selection, and location.

Let's break down the costs:

Breakdown of Padel Court Construction Costs

  • Foundation: €0 - €35,000
  • Steel and Glass Structure: €16,500 - €35,000
  • Artificial Turf: €1000 - €5,000
  • Lighting (optional): €1,800 - €8,000
  • Additional Equipment, e.g., benches, extra doors, scoreboard (optional): €1,600 - €8,200
  • Total Cost Range: €17,500 - €91,200

Example costs for 2 courts

Factors Influencing Padel Court Construction Cost

The total cost of constructing a padel court is influenced by various factors:


  • Padel court structures are heavy and require a rigid structure to be drilled into. Earthworks are usually a costly necessity in ensuring proper drainage and support. Foundation work is undertaken by a local contractor and requires permitting in many jurisdictions.
  • Tennis court slabs are not strong enough to support the 3.6 tons of padel court walls.
  • The two most popular options are: 1. a “ring beam” strip foundation where the foundation concrete is poured in an exterior ring to support the heavy load of the structure and 2. the more conventional reinforced concrete slab with slope, which is generally not suitable in colder climates due to its potential for frost damage. Your options will be determined by

Court type

  • Panaroma courts, courts without metal beams in along the glass walls, are used by the professional padel tours due to the excellent view they allow of the players in the courts, but they require expensive glass and precision assembly.

Turf type

  • The World Padel Tour uses MONDO curled turf for its additional cushion, but this grass costs more than the conventional straight grass turf.

Anti-corrosion materials

  • Installations in humid climates and climates near salt water require additional work to ensure longevity.


  • Lighting allows for continuous play in darker warehouses and outdoor in the evenings when there is increased demand for padel courts.

Design Considerations for Indoor and Outdoor Courts

Designing a padel court involves critical considerations based on location:

Outdoor Courts

  • Weather-resistant materials, additional fencing, and hardy lighting systems.

Indoor Courts

  • Height requirements, appropriate lighting, and versatile flooring options.

Key Steps in Padel Court Construction

The construction process involves meticulous phases:

  1. Design and Planning: Obtain necessary permits and create technical drawings.
  2. Earthworks: Prepare a stable foundation to ensure court integrity and performance.
  3. Drainage: Install a robust drainage system for all-weather playability.
  4. Sub-base and Base: Use carefully selected materials to support performance and drainage.
  5. Install Metallic Structure: Drill metal beams into the foundation.
  6. Walls: Connect glass walls to the metal beams.
  7. Turf: Lay sand-dressed artificial turf for optimal playing experience.
  8. Lighting: Incorporate necessary equipment and lighting for efficient play.
  9. Finishing Touches: Finalize court details, markings, and net for a complete setup.

How to Keep Padel Court Construction Costs Down

Collaborating with experienced local contractors and avoiding unnecessary additions helps manage costs effectively. Prioritize essential features to achieve a balanced budget.

Padel Court Design Considerations


Similar to tennis courts, it is recommended that padel courts are laid in the North-South orientation to avoid the sunrise and sunset in one side. Note that many northern hemisphere clubs opt to orient their courts to the northeast axis because there is a lower demand for courts in the morning than there is in the evening.

Ceiling Height

Indoor courts need at least 6 meter (23 feet) high ceilings. Ideally, ceilings are 10 meter (32 feet).

Runaway Balls

Runaway balls are a constant annoyance for beginner and advanced players alike for different reasons. Netting can provide additional protection from runaway balls.


Installing padel courts near or around trees will result in debris accumulating on the courts. In wet climates, the debris will result in wet courts.

Padel Court Maintenance Considerations

Padel court maintenance is significantly lower than tennis court maintenance. It is composed of roughly monthly cleaning and raking of the sand. Leaves and other debris Sand should be refilled periodically to ensure the maximum life of the turf.


Constructing a padel court is an investment providing up to 20 years of enjoyment.

Understanding the intricacies of construction costs, design considerations, and cost-saving measures ensures the successful creation of a high-quality padel court.

By following a strategic approach and budgeting prudently, enthusiasts can bring their padel court dreams to fruition and contribute to the sport's growth.

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How much does it cost to build a padel court?

On average, court construction costs range from €17,500 - €91,200, contingent on factors like foundation condition, material selection, and location.

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