What's in Paloma Cortina's Bag?

December 13, 2023
What's in Paloma Cortina's Bag?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what great padel players keep in their racket bags. Not just the padel gear but also their everyday items.

We met up with Paloma Cortina Baro - the number one USA-ranked female padel player and Padel and Pickleball Director at Polo Tennis and Fitness Club · Cliff Drysdale Tennis outside of Austin, Texas - about her secret goodies in her racket bag while she was on her way to Houston for the Red Padel tournament.

Here’s her favorite stuff!

My  rackets


I play with the Siux Electra ST1. The ST1 has a harder touch than the ST2, which I prefer. I play on the left and in hot weather a lot since I live in Austin, Texas, so the hard touch suits my game.

Anti-Slip Spray

I’m addicted to the 4on Anti-Slip Spray! I sweat a lot, so I used to have issues with my grip getting wet, and now every change-over or every 2 or 3 changeovers, I spray on a little 4on, and - it’s amazing - my racket doesn’t slip anyone. It makes it much easier for me to hold onto the grip. I will need it even more in the upcoming summer heat. 

My Shoes


I’ve got so many Joma shoes right now!
They are so comfortable! I used to wear running shoes while coaching because they were more comfortable, but now I wear Jomas.
I also find them super cute. I wear them all the time, even while grocery shopping. 

Under Grip


The Xgrip is super comfortable. When I play with a racket without it now, I feel so weird, like I can’t control my hand.


This tip comes from my dad - I’ve been doing this since I was a child. I always wear 2 pairs of socks. I put a pair of thin socks on first and then a thicker pair second. This protects my feet and absorbs sweat better. 

Stur Lemon Lime Electrolytes Powders

Electrolytes give me a boost on hot days. I like Stur’s because they have healthy ingredients.

Extra overgrips


I’m actually not too picky regarding overgrips. I like Wilson’s and Head's. I need to have extra ones because I change them frequently.

Elastic bands for warming up

I use an elastic band to stretch out my arms, shoulders, and back before warming up on the court.

Sweat Heaven Bamboo towels

Sweat Heaven towels sitting on a table outside of a padel court
These towels cool me down on the court. My friend started this company, and I love the materials. They are eco-friendly and don’t smell. 


I use the deodorant style for the face and spray for the body. 

Goodr sunglasses

They stay on even when you sweat no matter how fast you move!

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What type of racket do you like to play with?

I play on the left and in hot weather a lot since I live in Austin, Texas, so the hard touch suits my game.

Do you modify your racket at all?

I just use X-Grip under grip and the 4on anti-slip spray because I have sweaty hands and like the extra grip.

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