Where to Play Padel in the United States: Court Directory and How to Get Involved

December 13, 2023
Where to Play Padel in the United States: Court Directory and How to Get Involved

With the first World Padel Tour visit in 2022 and the founding of the North American Pro Padel League, padel is quickly making its way to the United States.

This topic runs quite close to home because while I first played padel in 2015, I had to take a four year hiatus while I was living in San Francisco, which is just getting its first court now (October 2023).

Padel is entering the US in a different way than it entered other countries. The "Tesla model" has been adopted, where in many of the clubs opened in the past year are going very up market - "luxury padel" is here.

At the time of publishing, there are 28 padel clubs around the US with the conventional hot spots of Southern Florida and Texas (to a lesser degree) topping the list. A hot spot has also popped up in New York City following the first club, Padel Haus, opening in July 2022.

The following is a comprehensive list of padel clubs in the United States. For our comprehensive database of padel clubs check out our Padel Club Directory.

If you would like to submit a club to our directory, please do so by filling out the form at the bottom of any club page, for example, Reserve Manhattan.

1 Padel Club in Arizona


1 Padel Club in Arkansas


3 Padel Clubs in California





1 Padel Club in Connecticut


9 Padel Clubs in Florida










1 Padel Clubs in Illinois


1 Padel Clubs in Nevada


7 Padel Clubs in New York








1 Padel Club in North Carolina


1 Padel Club in Oklahoma


1 Padel Club in Pennsylvania


6 Padel Clubs in Texas







Playing your first match

We recommend getting a lesson for your first time playing padel...even if you come from years of playing tennis.

Ask your coach to explain how to join matches at your level at the club.

History of padel in the United States

While padel was invented just across the United State's southern border, Mexico, padel spread to Spain and Argentina first due to the inventor's friend and business networks.

Recently the USPA has been driving various efforts to increase the growth of the sport and it's been taken off in the past year. We are happy to see that there are new club launches happening.

After seeing the growth in Sweden, Alan Flatt has launched a VC firm, EEP Capital, to help the sport grow in a rapid, yet sustainable way.

We are so excited to see this growth.
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How many padel courts are there in the United States?

As of the fall of 2023, there are roughly 30 padel courts in the United States. Roughly one-third of all US padel courts were built in the past 12 months.

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