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Best Padel Undergrips of 2023

Updated May 08, 2024

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With so many undergrips for padel players from many brands, such as Hesacore, Nox, ShockOut, Noene, it's hard to know which is the best

Our team of padel experts has hunted down all of the undergrips. After evaluating 12 options, we purchased 6 of the most promising. We read and watched over 50 reviews, scanned through additional message board posts, and contacted each manufacturer.

We then assessed each model for vibration reduction, weight, ease of install, and durability based on our testing as well as the experience of other reviewers.

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I'm Timo, and I'm here to help you find the right padel racket. If you want help, let me know! If you find this page helpful, please use our affiliate links, e.g Padel Nuestro, Racketspecialisten, 10% OFF at PadelFreunde,

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Padel FYI is the Metacritic for padel rackets. To help you find the best padel racket, I have cataloged 360 reviews of 106 of the most popular padel rackets to create the most comprehensive padel racket database.

We're also linking to deals from the most popular shops across the globe to help you find the best place to get your gear!