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Best Gifts for Padel Players

Updated Dec 21, 2023

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Do you have a padel-addicted friend you need to choose a gift for? But don’t know where to start?

While it is indeed hard to choose some key padel products, such as racquets and shoes due to diverse personal preferences and precise fit requirements, there are a number of great padel products that any padel player will love.

Our padel gear experts pick the best gear available for a diverse array of player preferences, shapes, and technical abilities.

2024 Padel Gift Guide

€10 Gift card

Our pick: Total Padel from €10 minimum

€12 Sweatbands

Our pick: Volt Padel Wristbands

Get your sweaty loved one, some sleek black wrist bands from the Portuguese-based Volt Padel.

€20 Padel socks

Our pick: Cuera “Bandeja” socks

€40 Padel Ball Pressurizer

Our pick: Ball Rescuer

A ball pressurizer helps maintain the pressure of your padel balls between matches, so you can reduce the amount of balls you throw away and save money.

We like the Ball Rescuer because it’s slim profile allows you to keep it in your bag without taking up too much space.

Please note that while pressurized balls will maintain their bounciness, they will continue to become "deformed" during additional matches. As a result, their play will become increasingly unpredictable. Though in our tests, they were still fine for a few friendly matches.

€75 Padel lessons

Our tip: Call the recipient's favorite padel club and request padel lesson voucher options

€80 Racket case

Our pick: Two Two Padel racket case

The slim, convenient Two Two racket case is our favorite racket case. Read our full review of the Best Padel Bags here.

€99 Online course

Our pick: Hello Padel annual Subscription. Get 15% off with promo code PADEL-FYI.

Give your loved one, the gift of great padel fundamentals. This is a great gift for someone who is transitioning from another racket sport, such as tennis, to padel. Read our full review here.

€110 a Carton of balls

Our pick: Head Padel Pro S

Choose the balls they usually play with, and they'll think of you every match. We’re in the process of writing a ball testing article, but the short version is: if you live in a cold, damp place, at sea level, choose a bouncier ball, such as Head Padel Pro S or Bullpadel Gold. If you live in a hot, dry environment at elevation, choose a less bouncy option, such as Head Padel Pro.

€115 a Bucket of Overgrips

Our pick: 60x Varlion Summum Padel Overgrips

The most popular padel overgrips are the Wilson Pros and the Wilson Pro Perforated. The unperforated version is slightly better for players with sweaty hands. If you like the Wilson Pro Perforated, I recommend giving the Varlion Summum Overgrips a try. I find them stickier and spongier than the Wilsons.

In case you’re thinking 60 grips is excessive, it’s really not - it’s about a year’s worth for a player who is playing twice a week and replacing their grips every other match.

€2,200 Ball Machine

Our pick: Spinfire Pro 2

This is quite an indulgent gift, so we’d only recommend this for your closest friends and family.

The Spinfire team, famous for making what is widely-considered the best tennis machine, has modified their Spinfire Pro 2 for padel. For the following reasons, we think this is the best padel ball machine on the market. We will publish our full review soon.

  • 150 ball capacity: 7.5 min play time with a 3 second interval
  • Internal oscilation - moving around inside the machine, so in “random” mode, the player can’t see where the ball is going - as when you’re playing a match.
  • Great routines - including “random” routines, which includes random horizontal and random vertical, so the machine can throw balls all over the court.
  • Variable slice and top spin settings - many ball machines, such as the less expensive Slinger, only have one throwing wheel, which prevents spin customization.
  • Easy to use - easy and fast to turn on and off with its slim, lightweight remote control.
  • High lobs - 60° angle lobs are realistic

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