• Smashes are a very important part of the game
  • Smashes come with a lot of risk
  • Smash success depends a lot on the conditions of the court, "fast" courts are bouncier to smash in
Often called pegada or remate in Spanish.
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11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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A smash in padel is an aggressive overhead shot to finish the point, such as a top spin smash or a flat smash.

Flat smashes can be low and fast, as in chancletazos, or steep and hard, as in smashes X4 or "por cuatro" over the back wall.

The type and frequency of smashes used depends heavily on both the players' abilities and the conditions on the court.

New balls on a fast court will make it harder to counter attack smashes, so aggressive players may be able to take advantage and smash their way through many points.

Fast courts are:

  • hot
  • dry
  • in high elevations
  • with limited turf on the ground
  • with hard walls

A recent World Padel Tour tournament on a humid day in Mexico resulted in the longest point ever at 6:48 and 250 shots because smashing was so difficult in these conditions. Lob, lob, lob, and lob again.

In padel, smashing often comes with the risk of counter-attacks as well as making a mistake, so it must be done with an evaluation of the risk-reward tradeoff.

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