• Harder rackets allow more precision due to their linear ball output
  • Round racket are often used by control-oriented players due to the ease of playing in the sweet spot
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11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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The amount of precision in placement that a padel racket allows a player to exert on a ball.

Control is an often misunderstood concept in padel. Many players believe that a soft racket will give them more control, but that is not necessarily true because the high ball output of a soft racket delivers a non-linear force on shots. The racket absorbs much of the force on fast balls and delivers a bouncy spring effect on slow balls.  

Maximum control is delivered by hard, round rackets, but because hardness decreases sweet spot size, players should determine the hardness of their racket based on both their technical level as well as their playing style. Harder rackets absorb fewer vibrations, so they are less comfortable for most players.

Most control-oriented players also seek rackets with medium to high maneuverability. Not all round rackets have high maneuverability.

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