Sweet spot

  • A racket's sweet spot is the best spot to make contact with the ball
  • Contacting the ball outside the sweet spot will cause the racket to vibrate and will exert less force on the ball
  • High balance rackets have higher sweet spots
  • Diamonds-format rackets have smaller sweet spots
  • Soft rackets have larger sweet spots
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11 Jan 2022
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What Is The Sweet Spot On Your Padel Racket?

The sweet spot is the area of the padel racket face with the highest amount of force applied to the ball.

Contacting the ball outside of the sweet spot can lead to reduced accuracy, power, control, speed, and spin. The sweet spot size and location depends on the type of padel racket you have.

It is easy to distinguish hitting the sweet spot from missing it by the sound produced upon impact and the quality of the ball's trajectory. Hitting the sweet spot results in a solid, clean sound and more force delivered to the ball. Missing the sweet spot results in a less powerful shot and more vibrations sent to your arm.

The location of the sweet spot varies depending on the shape of your padel racket. Generally, round rackets’ sweet spots are located in the center of the racket face. On the other hand, diamond-shaped rackets’ sweet spot are located between the center of the racket face and the top of the racket.

Racket shape

Diamond-shaped rackets with a high sweet spot provide more power but require more precision to contact the ball in the sweet spot. Round-shaped rackets with a centered sweet spot offer a larger hitting surface and are more forgiving, making them suitable for beginners.


Soft surfaces provide wider sweet spots. Rackets with hard touches have sweet spots that end abruptly.

Hole drilling

Hole drilling affects the size of the sweet spot. More drilling on the outside of the racket face and less in teh center draws the sweet spot out to the edge of the racket face. Many manufacturers, use technology to this effect, such as Head, on its Delta Pro, Oxdog on its Ultimate Tour, or Varlion on its Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow.

It can be challenging to switch from a round-shaped racket to a diamond-shaped one or vice versa due to the change in sweet spot location.

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