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Best Advanced Control Padel Rackets 2023

Updated Nov 26, 2023

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Metheora Dual
Metheora Dual
LW Prisma Airflow 2023
LW Prisma Airflow 2023
Vertex 03 CTR
Vertex 03 CTR
Adipower CTRL 3.2
Adipower CTRL 3.2
Best for
Advanced control players seeking max control and a hard touch
Advanced right-side players to control points with precise chiquitas, strong volleys
Intermediate and advanced players seeking max control
Intermediate and advanced right-side players seeking control and a large sweet spot
Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot
No items found.
No items found.

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Welcome to our expert selection of recommended padel rackets for advanced control-oriented players.

I understand the importance of precision and maneuverability for players who prioritize control on the court.

In this article, we have carefully chosen a range of rackets that meet the specific criteria for advanced control-oriented players, focusing on key characteristics and popular choices among players at this level.

Editor's pick for ultimate precision


Starvie's newly released in 2023 Metheora Dual fits our requirements for Advanced Control rackets - impeccable sensation of the ball, maximum precision, excellent maneuverability - so well that we should probably stop our list here.

Made in Spain quality and molding-stage "Full Plane Effect" roughness.

What's more, its street price is often seen for under €200!

However, we should mention that, of course, it's precision comes at a cost - its the hardness reduces the size of the sweet spot increases the size of the vibrations.

Even for those without experience with tennis elbow, I suggest:

Play test of the Starvie Metheora Dual
The best sensation of the ball we've found

A slightly softer premium option


The 2023 version of Varlion's top of the line LW Prisma Airflow brought the Airflow aerodynamics technology that Varlion had been testing in 2022 with one frame to the rest of the top of the line Summum range.

This tech aims to increase aerodynamics thereby increasing maneuverability.

Reviewer note how the change softens the frame and increases the size of the sweet spot.

While Varlion refers to this model as a round racket, if it were a Nox, it would be called a teardrop. Irregardless, it has a high ~27 centimeter balance that won't having you wanting for power.

Like most advanced hard rackets, its sweet spot is not more than acceptable, but it excels in precision, power, and solidity.

A more playable pick


The most versatile option


Solid, yet easy to play with.

Control, but doesn't lack in power.

And it's sweet spot is massive.

Along with the Vertex 03 CTR, it is a racket, I recommend to advanced intermediates as well as advanced players. It's significantly more reactive than the Metheora Dual and the LW Summum Prisma.

Its Spin Blade 3D roughness keeps your volleys at your opponent's ankles.

Adipower CTRL 3.2 and Koa padel balls sitting court side
It does...everything...well

Criteria for Selection

When evaluating rackets for advanced control-oriented padel players, we consider specific criteria to ensure optimal performance in terms of control and maneuverability.

Firstly, we recommend rackets with a low balance, below 26.5 centimeters.

This low balance enhances maneuverability, allowing players to reach the point of impact with the ball quickly and efficiently, enabling precise ball placement.

Similarly, we favor round rackets for control players, as it offers a wide sweet spot, providing players with an increased margin of error and more consistency in ball output when making contact near the frame.

Lastly, we recommend rackets with a medium-hard hardness for advanced players. This characteristic provides a linear ball output, enhancing precision and control during shots. This does, however, come with the drawback of a smaller sweet spot and dead balls on framed shots.

Players who have joint issues, should check out our article on Best Soft Padel Rackets for Players with Joint Pain.

Intermediate players and players who prefer medium hardness should check out our article on Best Intermediate Versatile rackets.

Additional Racket Characteristics for Advanced Control-Oriented Players

Some players may prefer rackets with summer and winter versions, which have different densities of foam in their cores, allowing for versatility in adapting to different playing conditions. This feature enables players to have a harder racket during hot summer days, compensating for the potential softening of the foam.

Some advanced players also prefer the feeling of the additional grip generated by roughness on the racket face.

For ethical and/or environmental reasons, some players choose brands that are Made in Europe, such as, Akkeron, Alkemia, Cork, Starvie, Tactical Padel, or Varlion.

Pricing and Affordability

Advanced rackets often fall within the higher price range, typically between €200-300, due to their use of the newest technologies and features, such as 3D roughness, vibration reduction, carbon fiber surfaces etc.

But we understand the importance of pricing and affordability.

We strive to provide value for money by offering exclusive discounts on our website, allowing you to find the best-priced options without compromising quality.

Be sure to visit our discounts page regularly to take advantage of the latest offers and secure the ideal racket at a competitive price.

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