• Hard, high balance padel rackets are the most powerful
  • Powerful rackets are hard to use because their sweet spots are small and their maneuverability is low
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11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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The amount of force a padel racket imprints onto the ball.

There are two types of power:

  • maximum power and
  • free power.

When speaking about the power characteristic of a padel racket, we normally refer to the maximum power. Imagine, a player smashing a ball overhead with their strength.

Whereas, free power corresponds with ball output and refers to the "bounce" that a racket delivers to a ball with a soft or medium-strength swing.

Maximum power is generated by a heavy racket with high balance and a hard touch. The heavy racket generates more momentum, which is aided by the leverage effect of the high balance.

Hard touch results in the force of the racket's impact on the ball being delivered directly to the ball instead of being absorbed and distributed to the racket.

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